Innovative Cities Lecture Series - Experiences of Housing Discrimination and Residential Disadvantages

APA Wisconsin Chapter


Thursday, October 26, 2017
noon - 1 p.m. CDT

Milwaukee, WI, United States

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Yaidi Cancel Martinez, Urban & Regional Planning PhD Candidate at UW – Madison, will provide her research to advance fair housing advocacy and direct efforts to expand social and health equity. She will provide new grounds to address gaps in housing policy, planning and program development. Her research shows the prevalence of housing discrimination in Wisconsin while also showing its ripple effects on residential disadvantages and mental health disparities. Planners will get an in depth look at the many facets that impact affordable and accessible housing for at-risk populations. Yaidi's research will allow planners to approach housing related issues with an expanded and more critical approach at how the public sector and planners should get involved.



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Yaidi Cancel Martinez

Yaidi Cancel Martinez is a UW-Madison, Urban & Regional Planning PhD Candidate and also a Norman N. Gill Research Fellow, 2017-18 for the Public Policy Forum in Milwaukee, WI. Read More

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