Spring 2018

Gov. Walker has signed many of the planning-related bills that we’ve been tracking into law.  You can find all of these Acts at the following site:  https://docs.legis.wisconsin.gov/2017/related/acts

The following massive bills have been signed:

· Developer’s Bill (AB770/SB640), which is 2017 Wisconsin Act 243.

·  Landlord’s Bill (AB771/SB639), which is 2017 Wisconsin Act 317.

·  Wetlands Bill (AB547/SB600), which is 2017 Wisconsin Act 183.

There are four additional bills of potential interest to planners that have been signed into law:

·         2017 Wisconsin Act 242, which requires floodplain ordinances to be amended after each Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA).

·         2017 Wisconsin Act 223, which relates to levy limit adjustments when subtracting territory from a TIF District.

·         2017 Wisconsin Act 280, which increases the limit on historic rehab tax credits from $500K to $3.5M per project.

·         2017 Wisconsin Act 353, which allows the second and third of Class II and III legal notices to be summaries.

Fall 2017

Wisconsin Act 67: Conditional Use Permits and the "Substantial Evidence" Standard