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New Mandatory Credits begin January 1, 2022:

You have received emails concerning this change in the AICP CM requirements.  APA has announced the implementation date of January 1, 2022. One of the new mandatory credits is Equity, which will help planners build their skillsets in an area that is of pressing and lasting concern to communities across the country.  The other, in the rotating topic category, will be Sustainability and Resilience.  The January 2, 2022 date is first date that you will be able to start earning and logging the new credits on January 1, 2022. Members will have a full two-year reporting period to earn the credits.  For more details and FAQs on this change, please visit the national AICP webpage:

At the same time, AICP has placed all AICP members on the same cycle for earning their credits, instead of the staggered cycles implemented at the start of the CM program.  As a result, AICP members in the 2019-2020 cohort who have yet to complete their required credits have an extended reporting period, ending December 31, 2021.  Ordinarily, the grace period would have ended in April 2021. 

Please watch for email from Chapter PDO Liz Callin and Chapter President Josh Clements for updates regarding the reporting periods.

More on AICP ongoing professional development responsibilities and report

The AICP credential is not a "once and done".  Professionalism means continuing to renew and upgrade your skills and knowledge.  For this reason, AICP requires all certified planners to maintain their certification. 

Certification requires that the planner complete 32 hours of approved continuing education in planning in a two-year Certification Maintenance window.  In addition, 1.5 hours must be in an approved Planning Law course and an additional 1.5 hours in Planning Ethics.

Certification maintenance need not be onerous or expensive.  Attending the Chapter conference each year can bring you 10-15 CM credits, including Law and Ethics.  In addition, many free programs are offered throughout the year.  These programs, as well as programs that require a course fee, are publicized by email to our members and posted on the website.  Finally, an AICP planner may earn up to 8 credits in self-reported effort in each 2-year period.  For example, a planner might report three hours for attending a planning-related workshop that was not registered with AICP.

Schedule time each month to pursue CM and you will find you have no difficulty meeting the requirement of averaging 16 hours per year.

Contact the Chapter Professional Development Officer if you have questions about your CM credits, reinstatement, etc.  Liz Callin at

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