Organizational Membership

The Organizational Membership type was created by the APA-WI Board a few years ago to allow folks who volunteer in government - Plan Commission, Board of Adjustment, elected or appointed officials such as Supervisors, Trustees, Alderpersons, school board members, etc. to join en masse at one rate (currently $50.00) per municipality with the goals of, but not limited to:

  • promoting planning
  • disseminating planning information
  • obtaining planning resources
  • exchange of contact information
  • skill building
  • networking/involvement in APA-WI

Note: the Organizational Membership is a nonvoting membership type

The Organizational Membership type is not for professional planners. All those who are, or consider themselves, professional planners must apply for a Regular Membership and enjoy all of the benefits, rights and privileges that are associated with that membership type (see the APA-WI website for more information on the Regular Membership), as well as support the mission of APA-WI; or one may apply for Chapter only membership.

APA-WI accepts this type of membership and annual renewals via mail at the current $50.00 rate. Membership and renewals are on a January 1-January 1 calendar basis no matter what time of year you apply so you are encouraged to apply as soon after January 1 of each calendar year as possible to benefit from your annual membership

Please complete the short application form, Organizational Membership Form (Exhibit A attached to the end of the Membership Plan), and email the roster of members in an Excel spreadsheet to Sandy Scherer ( and cc Nancy Frank (

The spreadsheet should include the following information:

Person to contact for renewals:

Full name
Title, if any
Email Address/Alternate email address
Daytime phone number/alternate daytime phone number
If they are AICP certified


Full name
Title, if any
Email Address

The $50.00 fee should be mailed to (checks made out to APA-WI):

Sarah Van Buren
Community and Economic Development Coordinator
City of Waupun
201 E. Main Street
Waupun, WI 53963

Once we confirm the money has been deposited, your Organization will be added to the membership list.

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