Spring 2018

Gov. Walker has signed many of the planning-related bills that we’ve been tracking into law.  You can find all of these Acts at the following site:  https://docs.legis.wisconsin.gov/2017/related/acts

The following massive bills have been signed:

Developer’s Bill (AB770/SB640), which is 2017 Wisconsin Act 243.

Landlord’s Bill (AB771/SB639), which is 2017 Wisconsin Act 317.

Wetlands Bill (AB547/SB600), which is 2017 Wisconsin Act 183.

There are four additional bills of potential interest to planners that have been signed into law:

2017 Wisconsin Act 242, which requires floodplain ordinances to be amended after each Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA).

2017 Wisconsin Act 223, which relates to levy limit adjustments when subtracting territory from a TIF District.

2017 Wisconsin Act 280, which increases the limit on historic rehab tax credits from $500K to $3.5M per project.

2017 Wisconsin Act 353, which allows the second and third of Class II and III legal notices to be summaries.

Fall 2017