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2017 Programs

October 11, Identifying Common Ground | CM #9158752

A Wisconsin Partners Event in the Fox Cities from 11-4.

October 8-9, Growing Inclusive Communities | CM #9159143

2018 APA-Wisconsin Annual Conference with over 30 different opportunities for CM credits.

June 7, Community and Land Use Impacts from Climate Change | CM #9149401

12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. CDT

  • James LaGro

  • Thomas Blaine

  • Jim Shortle

May 18, Broadband Business Models | #9146998

Technology Division (Planning Webcast Series program)

Speaker: Kate McMahon

May 3, Evaluating the impacts of subdivision design on birds | CM #914727

April 11, Causier Lecture at UWM: Walkable and Diverse | #9147425

Emily Talen, Professor of Urbanism,University of Chicago

Hosted by UWM School of Architecture and Urban Planning

April 11, Planning for Natural Hazards: Floodplain Zoning | CM #9142848
UWEX Local Land Use Planning and Zoning Teleconference Series

April 18, Milwaukee: Legacy Cities and Vanguard | #9147423
Innovative Cities Series, UWM Urban Planning
School of Architecture and Urban Planning

April 4, UWM Innovative Cities
Greening Milwaukee’s 30th Street Industrial Corridor | CM #9147422

March 14, Tax Increment Financing: Evaluating Proposal to Ensure the Best Deal for the Community | CM #9142846
UWEX Local Land Use Planning and Zoning Teleconference Series

March 7, UWM Innovative Cities | CM #9144928
Justice and the Economics of Urban Food Access
Philip Warsaw, PhD

Feb. 14, Case Law and Legislative Update | CM #9142844
UWEX Local Land Use Planning and Zoning Teleconference Series

2017 Programs

If 2017 is within your CM reporting period, search for sessions presented at the 2017 APA - Wisconsin Fall Conference in Milwaukee by searching for this phrase: "Getting There Together".

November 21, MKE United: Greater Downtown Vision and Upcoming Action Agenda | CM #9138080
UWM Innovative Cities
Michael Hofstad and Tony Panciera

October 26, Experiences of Housing Discrimination and Residential Disadvantages | CM #9135949
UWM Innovative Cities Lecture Series
Yaidi Cancel Martinez

September 28, Preparing for the Worst: July 12, 2017, Burlington, Wisconsin Flooding, Response, and Recommendations | CM #9134383
UWM Innovative Cities Lecture Series
Carina Walters

April 25, West Wisconsin Avenue Redevelopment | CM  #9124932
George Meyer and Stephen Chernoff
UWM Innovative Cities Lecture Series

April 24, UWM Charles Causier Memorial Lecture | CM #9124931
“The Once and Future City”
Alan Ehrenhalt

April 19, Urban Planning and the Milwaukee Regional Medical Center | CM #9101779
James Tarentino

March 28, Lakefront Gateway Project, Milwaukee, WI | CM #9122177
Pat Kressin
UWM Innovative Cities Lecture Series

March 6,


Engaging Hispanic Residents in Community Planning Processes | CM #9120749

March 3, Building Vibrancy | CM #9120747

Chris Socha, Kubala Washatko Architects “Urban Lab”
UWM School of Architecture and Urban Planning

February 21, Engaging design: Strategies for Youth and Community Involvement | CM #9122178
Krisann Rehbein
UWM Innovative Cities Speaker Series

February 15, UW Extension, Insights on Recent Changes to Wisconsin Land Use Law | CM #9118504

January 18, Diversity in Planning | CM #9134047
UWM Alumni, Planning and a Pint

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