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See also Planning Webcast Series, sponsored by the APA Chapters and Divisions, which over 50 CM credits every year on your computer – at no cost to members of participating APA chapters and divisions that support the Planning Webcast Consortium.  You may also obtain 1.5 CM of Law credit and 1.5 CM of Ethics credit on-demand.  Select the Distance Education tab on the Planning Webcast website.  All other programs are available to view on demand, but need to be viewed live to qualify for CM.

Note: Due to the canceled NPC19 in Houston due to COVID-19, APA has changed some of the requirements for AICP CM. See more information at this link.

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2020 Programs

May 13, Teleconference: Annual Case Law and Legislative Update | CM #9196606

April 9, UWM's Innovative Cities Lecture Series (Webinar) - The Future of our Streets: Multimodal Transportation in Milwaukee | CM #9198655

April 8, Teleconference: Planning Body Members Responsibilities as Local Officials | CM #9196605

March 12, UWM's Innovative Cities Lecture Series - Moving Around Milwaukee: A Summer Spent without a Car! | CM #9197487

March 11, Teleconference: Managing Local Rights-of-Way and Wisconsin’s New 5G/Small Cell Law | CM #9196604

March 10, National Development Council's Mixed-Use Real Estate Finance

February 13, UWM's Innovative Cities Lecture: Imagining an Arts Driven Milwaukee | CM #9194997

February 5-7, WEDA's 2020 Governor’s Conference on Economic Development | CM #9194535

February 5, WEDA's Financing Workforce Housing: Exploring Program Options and Models | CM #9194505

January 29, 10th Annual Planning and a Pint: Short-Term Rentals: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly | CM #9192149

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JSD 2020

2019 Programs

November 14, UWM's Innovative Cities Lecture Series: The role of partnership in the Menomonee River Valley's transformation | CM #9189532

October 29, Design Coalition Institute: 'Missing Middle' of Housing" Webinar | CM #9184441

October 22, john a powell: Racial Equity and Economic Justice in Urban Planning Practice and Community Building | #9187013

October 19, UWM's Urban Planning Alumni Chapter: Planning by Bike | #9187327

October 10, UWM's Innovative Cities Lecture: Pedestrian Volume Modeling & Employee Accessibility with Industrial Development | #9186910

October 2-4, 2019 Upper Midwest APA Conference | CM #9185402

September 19, How Many "Gs" in Right of Way? - 5G Small Cell Regulations | CM #9183792

September 12, UWM's Innovative Cities Lecture - Building the High-Road in Wisconsin: The UniverCity Alliance & UniverCity Year program | CM #9184558

September 11, Smart Cities Racine | CM #9183970

July 22, Urban Ecology Center Intensive Workshop | CM #9173935

July 17, Wisconsin Economic Development Association's: Impact through Redevelopment | CM #9175308

June 25, Development Agreement Fundamentals | CM #9178767

May 30, Wisconsin DNR's Good Health Grows on Trees Conference | CM #9171840

May 8, UWM's Innovative Cities Lecture Series: Rapid Change and Planning for the other 87% of Mount Pleasant | CM #9176137

May 8, Teleconference: Case Law Update | CM #9163006

April 30, Wisconsin Economic Development Academy: Tax Incremental Financing Fundamentals (Webinar) | CM #9174564

April 26, Preparing our Region for Autonomous & Connected Vehicles - Mini-Conference | CM #9175286

April 25, UWM's Innovative Cities Lectures Series: Inclusive Stakeholder Engagement | CM #9175699

April 10, Teleconference: Planning for the Autonomous and Connected Future – From Horseless to Driverless Carriage | CM #9164249

April 4, Madison Municipal Building Tour | CM #9173139

March 23, UWM's Innovative Cities Lecture: Milwaukee County's Rental Housing Trends & Challenges | CM #9171621

March 13, Teleconference: Regional Planning for Change in a Big Way: Foxconn | CM #9164245

February 28, UWM's Innovative Cities Lecture: Grand Trunk Wetland - Habitat Restoration in the Harbor District | CM #9164245

February 13, Teleconference: Complying with the New Housing Report Requirements | CM #9164240

February 7, 2019 Governor’s Conference on Economic Development | CM #9170098

January 23, At the Crossroads: Multi-modal Transportation in Southeast Wisconsin (9th Annual Planning and a Pint) | CM #9163410

January 9, Teleconference: Keeping Up with Changes in Wisconsin’s Planning and Zoning Enabling Laws | CM #9164242

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