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APA-WI Equity and Diversity Action Plan [DRAFT]

APA-WI is pleased to share with you the DRAFT of the our Equity and Diversity Action Plan. 

The APA-WI Board appointed an ad-hoc Equity and Diversity Task Force in January 2019 (see members listed below), and this draft reflects the work of that Task Force over the past 8 months. There are some challenging ideas included in the plan, including commitments to talk about implicit bias and an acknowledgement that zoning is used to segregate both uses and people.  

Now we need your help – your thoughts and comments.  We want to refine this before we adopt it.  This DRAFT will be available for two months, until December 1, so that our members can think about it and offer feedback.  You can share your comments at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/EquityFeedback.

After this comment period the Task Force will review the feedback and recommend a final version to the APA-WI Board, which will formally adopt the Action Plan in early 2020.

Equity and Diversity Task Force

  • Allen Davis – Oshkosh                                   
  • Nancy Frank – Milwaukee                           
  • Matthew Frater – Madison                           
  • Kirk Harris – Milwaukee                               
  • Paige Heinrich – Wausau                             
  • Stephanie Hummel – Green Bay                
  • Mackenzie Mindel – La Crosse                   
  • Kevin Muhs – Waukesha                              
  • Jared Wehner – Weston                              
  • Jason Valerius – Madison

We are also seeking applicants interested in serving on a new Equity and Diversity Committee.  At our September meeting the APA-WI Board voted to create a new standing committee that will be charged with implementing the Equity and Diversity Action Plan.  This standing committee will have up to nine members and may include people who are not planners or members of APA-WI.  We want to be sure that the perspectives of stakeholders affected by our work are represented, and we are seeking a diversity of perspectives.  If you are interested in serving, please fill out this Nomination Form.  If you know of someone in your community that works on equity and diversity issues and might be a fit for this effort, please reach out to invite them to consider serving.  We will be accepting nominations until December 1, 2019.  If you have questions about the committee, please contact Jason Valerius, APA-WI President (2018-2019)

The chapter is working on improving opportunities for professional development addressing inequities in our communities and practicing more inclusive planning. Below are some resources related to this topic and chapter initiative. 

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